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Safety Tips On The Internet

October 11, 2010

Something interesting to share with you about safety tips on the Internet for children.There are some related media links,images and a blogroll link to give you some ideas about it.Safety Tips for Children


London Eye

October 4, 2010

Welcome back to my blog.I will be introducting  about the london eye.London Eye is almost the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.The London Eye is located  at the western end of Jubilee of Gardens, on the South Bank.The wheeled carried 32 air-conditioner and one capsule carries 25 passengers only.When it is very dark,one of the workers will on some lights on  the ferris wheel.The total weight for the steel is 1,700 tons.The London Eye marked its 10 anniversery on 9 March 2010.On 5 June 2008 it was announces that  30 million people ridden the London eye since its opening March 2000.

Do you know what are Tags?

September 20, 2010

Hi and welcome back to my blog.Something to share with you about tags.Tags are useful in a post as it will automatically link all posts related to the same topic .The difference between a category and tags is that tags are seperated by commas.This post has a tag listed.Try it out.Tags

Using the Text/word Editor

August 30, 2010

Hi readers,welcome back to my blog.Something to share with you by creating a post using the word editor.This post which i have created is from the word editor.This post which I have created is from the word editor.It is one of the means to insert the text directly into the post without typing into the post area.Documents which are created in word documents can be copied and pasted into the word/text editor.Check it out.

Using Quickpress In A Blog

August 23, 2010

Have you tried using Quickpress in your blog? Well it’s fast and easy.To activate Quickpress,click on the Dashboard from the site admin area.However take note when images are uploaded,it will not be visually seen but only the url of the image will be seen.Check it out.It will be fun.Quickpress

this is a image for quickpress

Have you tried uploading a BMP file?

August 16, 2010

Welcome back reader’s .Something interesting to share with you about uploading a Bitmap image into your post.Well just create any picture you want and when you save it,save as a JPEG  file.Upload the file as the same way as you upload an image by selecting the image icon.An example is shown below.Try it out.It’s fun.

Thi is a BMP file


Adding Polls To Your Post?

August 9, 2010

Do you know what are polls? It’s for you to do a survey.If you would like to try out select the polls icon and follow the steps given.Set your questions and allow your friends to answer your questions.An example of a polls shown below.Happy polling. 🙂